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Instructor of Record

  • Media Studies Graduate Seminar (IHSS 670), RPI, Fall 2022.

  • Communication Research, Curriculum Development and Pedagogy (Comm 301). Stanford, Online. Fall 2019; 2020. Co-Instructor with Professor Jeremy Bailenson.

  • Media, Culture, and the Politics of Gender (Comm 107S). Stanford. Summer 2018 .

    • Designed and taught course​


Teaching Assistant 

  • Dynamics of Social Media (Comm 105S). Stanford, Online. Summer 2021. Teaching Assistant to Angela Lee.

  • The Rise of Digital Culture (Comm 120W). Stanford, Online. Spring 2020. Teaching Assistant to Professor Fred Turner.

  • Race and Media (Comm 184). Stanford. Winter 2020. Teaching Assistant to Professor Xiaochang Li.

    • ​Delivered Guest Lecture: Race, Security, and the State

  • Virtual People (Comm 166). Stanford. Spring 2018. Teaching Assistant to Professor Jeremy Bailenson.

  • The Public Life of Science & Technology (STS 1). Stanford. Winter 2018. Teaching Asst. to Professors Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Elaine Treharne, & John Willinsky.

  • Media Ethics and Responsibility (Comm 131). Stanford. Fall 2017. Teaching Assistant to Professor Theodore L. Glasser.

    • ​Delivered Guest Lecture: The Rights and Responsibilities of a Free and Independent Press: Who Decides? 

  • The Politics of Algorithms (Comm 154). Stanford. Spring 2017. Teaching Assistant to Professor Angèle Christin.

    • ​Delivered Guest Lecture: Privacy and Surveillance – National Security

  • Media Economics (Comm 142W). Stanford. Winter 2017. Teaching Assist. to Professor James T. Hamilton

  • Introduction to Communication (Comm 1). Stanford. Fall 2016. Teaching Assistant to Professor Jeff Hancock.

College Lecture
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