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(Video produced for the Stanford Screenomics Lab by, and used here courtesy of, Sarah Chey)

Current Work

Dissertation: “Mediatizing Terrorism: A Study of Audiences' Construction of Violent Events under Datafied Capitalism”

Advisors: Theodore L. Glasser, Professor (Communication); James T. Hamilton, Professor (Communication)

Readers: Fred Turner (Communication); Ban Wang (Comparative Literature)

Journal Articles In-Preparation for Submission

Fitzgerald, A. Mediatized Rituals in the Transnational Construction of Terrorist Attacks as Datafied Media Events: An In-situ Study of US Mobile User Responses to ISIS attacks in Europe in the Spring of 2017.

Fitzgerald, A. The Eclipse of Ideology: Nonconscious Cognition, Neurodiversity, and Datafied Media Systems as Tools for “Self-Regulation.”

Fitzgerald, A. Mediatizing Terrorism: Datafication and Violence in the Forever War.

Fitzgerald, A.  Analyzing “The Screenome”: A New Approach for Hyper-Contextual Critical Digital and Mobile Audience Research.

Fitzgerald, A. Terror and datafication: Drones, death, and distance.

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